Hi Sir,

Glad to hear that you're on the market for fiberglass. We specialize in this field for several years, with the strength of chopped strand mat and stitch chopped strand mat, with good quality and pretty competitive price.

Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation!

Tks & br,


**** company (这里留下公司名、电话、传真、邮件就可以了,正文就可以写的很简单。)

Tel: ***

Fax: ***

Mail: ***

Website: http://www.####.com (请记住,如果你非要在里面加上网页连结,请放在签名里,不要放正文,让人感觉更像搞推销的,不太好。


Hey guy,

XYZ trading here, exporting LANTERNS with good quality and low price in US.

Call me, let's talk details.



Cell phone: ***


Dear ***,

Sorry to trouble you again!

Please find my mail below. Could you please kindly check by return today? Because we'll be on holiday from May.1st to 3rd.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,




Hi Alex,

How are you doing? Glad to get your name card from HK fair.

This is Sandy from ***. We specialized in parking sensor system, and all our products with CE/FCC/FCCID approved!

Regarding the FUN MINI DVR your selected on the fair, pls find the details with best offer in attachment.

Hope to get good news from you! Thanks.

Best regards,


Sales assistant

Sandy, 我要说一点,你的情况和其他朋友又不一样了。你在展会上拿到过客人的名片,而且客人曾经对某一款产品感兴趣,那简直是一个相当好的机会!只要你把握住了, 成交可能性是很大的!这种情况下,你特别要标注出他在展会上选的东西,而且主动提供详细资料和报价,这一点至关重要!

客人很忙的,他可能 在香港展上去过很多同行那边,问同一个产品,他会收到很多很多邮件,恐怕根本没空回复或主动联系你,所以你一定要主动出击,提供完整的资料和好的价格,然 后跟进,赢得他的信任!如果像你刚才那样,问他是不是有兴趣,有兴趣你会给他详细资料,客人会觉得很烦的,觉得你怎么需要推一下动一下,做业务要学会主 动,客人一个眼色,你就要能完成三四个动作。客人问你价格,你连详细参数尺寸包装材料都一并提供了。



Hi ***,

Thank you so much for your kind reply!

Sure, samples will be prepared soon. Could you pls give me your courier account? Such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. Each one is ok. I'll inform you the tracking number after parcel picked!

Please contact me if further questions. Thank you!

Kind regards,




Dear Kelvin,

Thank you so much for your kind mail!

Sure, our models with top quality, and think all of them meet the quality level in your local market! If the price is not suitable in your price range, could you pls accept to do a little change? The price will be reduced 3%. That is, EUR2.13/pc.

Pls don't worry about the quality. Price is important, but quality counts for much more!

Here is just a little change, the original length of the flashlight is 102mm, and now we just make it short, 89mm instead! And then, the total cost will be reduced 3% because of the material saved!

All the luminosity and the body look the same! I think it's workable for both of us. Any comments?

Best regards,



Hi ***,

Sorry to trouble you again!

Regarding the PI dated on ***, could you pls sign and confirm by return asap? Because we need plenty of time for arranging mass production!

It's a long time since I have got your reply last time. How is everything going on? If anything changed, pls keep me posted!

Thanks and best regards,



Dear ***,

Sorry to trouble you again!

Regarding the project we discussed last time, could you pls confirm by return today? Because we need plenty of time for mass production. P/I will be sent to you asap after your confirmation.

If anything changed, pls keep me posted! Thank you!

Best regards,



Dear ***,

What about the final decision about our samples? We need your comments to go ahead!

Thank you!

Kind regards,


*** Co. Ltd.

Tel: ***

Fax: ***

Mail: ***

Web: ***

七 :客人死命的砍价,这时你不能一下子给人家底价,可以用采购数量来给他打个小折,这样就算价格低了,数量上也补点进来。

Dear sir,

Pls find the re-checking the price as follows:

1) Super grade, USD***, give you a special discount of 2%

2) A grade, USD***, similar as super grade, but price much more competitive.

Hope we can deal. Thank you!




Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your prompt reply!

Please keep me posted for further details.

Kind regards,



Hi ***,

I'm so glad to hear that you'll be in China soon, and hope to have a face-to-face meeting with you!!!

Could you pls give me your time schedule and cell phone number? We'll arrange to pick you up from the airport!

My cell phone is ***. Pls call me if any questions. Thank you!

Kind regards,



Dear kelvin,

Thank you for your kind mail! But unfortunately, this price also unworkable for us.

I sincerely hope to have business with you, pls realize our position. 2 suggestions as below:

1) everything keep the same, EUR2.45/pc, C&F air Stockholm

2) everything keep the same, EUR2.60/pc, with 3*AAA battery, C&F air Stockholm

Comments, please. Thank you!




Hi ***,

Thank you soooooo much for your kind mail! I appreciate!

We sincerely hope to find a way to cooperate with you! If your customer would like to place the order to another vendor, that's ok! But if you have another chance in the near future, pls keep me posted! It's my pleasure to be on service of you!

By the way, will you plan to visit China soon? I really hope to have a face-to-face meeting with you!

Take care! Hope everything goes well!

Thanks and best regards,



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